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ESE 2021 Technical Quiz : Digital communication: coding, frequency and time domain multiplexing

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Question 1

Consider the following statements regarding Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM):
1) The information from different measuring points is transmitted serially on the same communication channel.
2) It involves transmission of data samples rather than continuous data transmission.
3) It is especially useful when telemetering fastchanging, high bendwidth data.
Which of the above statements are valid in respect to TDM?

Question 2

In synchronous TDM, there are four inputs and data rate of each input connection is 3 kbps. If 1 bit at a time is multiplexed, what is the duration of each frame ?

Question 3

A frequency spectrum is from 88 MHz to 108 MHz and is currently engaging with 10 users who transmitting their signals. To facilitate Multiple Access, we use FDMA so in this case the 20 MHz spectrums will be divided into 10 parts of 2 MHz each. Identify from the figure the center frequency.

Question 4

Consider two successive code words of a linear block code (7, 4) given by

C1: 0000111

C2: 1000101

The hamming distance between the two code words is_____

Question 5

Among CDMA Forward Channels, which channel transmits active CDMA frequency from base station?
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