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ESE 2021: General Aptitude (Geometry & Mensuration)

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Question 1

If PA and PB are tangents to the circle with centre O such that Then

Question 2

The sum of two angles of a triangle is 116o and their difference is 24o. The measure of smallest angle of the triangle is:

Question 3

The ratio of an interior angle to the exterior angle of a regular polygon is 5 : 1. The number of sides of polygon is

Question 4

The base and altitude of an isosceles triangle are 10 cm and 12 cm respectively. Then the length of each equal side is:

Question 5

In quadrilateral ABCD, C = 72o and D = 28o. The bisectors of A and B meet in O. What is the measure of AOB?

Question 6

If the number of square centimeters on the surface of a sphere is equal to the number of cubic centimeters in its volume. What is the diameter of the sphere?

Question 7

A sphere has the same curved surface area as the curved surface area of a cone of vertical height 40 cm and radius 30 cm. The radius of the sphere is

Question 8

A hollow cylindrical tube, open at both ends is made of iron 1 cm thick. The volume of iron used in making the tube, if the external diameter is 12 cm and the length of tube is 70 cm, is

Question 9

If the length of each side of an equilateral triangle is increased by 2 unit, the area is found to be increased by 3+√3 square unit. The length of each side of the triangle is

Question 10

The radius and height of a cylinder are in the ratio 5 : 7 and its volume is 550 cm3. Calculate its curved surface area in sq. cm?
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