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Environment Quiz 22. 02. 2018

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Question 1

Sendai Framework is associated with –

Question 2

Consider the following regions:
1) Eastern Himalayas
2) Eastern Mediterranean region
3) North-western Australia
Which of the above is/are Biodiversity Hotspot(s)?

Question 3

In the context of the two statements, which of the following is correct?
Assertion (A): Acid rain can cause corrosion of metals.
Reason (R): Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide can cause corrosion.

Question 4

Which of the following is/are NOT correct about Aichi Targets?
1). They are long term targets officially known as Strategic Plan for Biodiversity.
2). It is a ten-year framework for action by all countries to save biodiversity
3). It was adopted at COP-10 in Nagoya as a revised and updated strategic plan for biodiversity.

Question 5


1. UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development which officially adopted the New Urban Agenda.
2. It was held recently in Quito, Ecuador.
3. Such habitat conferences are held biennially.

Which of the above is/are incorrect?

Question 6

Consider the following crops of India:
1) Cowpea
2) Green gram
3) Pigeon pea
Which of the above is/are used as pulse, fodder and green manure?

Question 7

Consider the following:
1) There are certain activities which are regulated in Wildlife Sanctuaries, but are completely prohibited in National Parks.
2) National parks can be created for a particular species whereas Wildlife Sanctuaries are not primarily focused on a particular species.
3) Central govt. has the sole right to declare National Parks whereas Wildlife Sanctuaries can also be declared by State govt.
Which of the above is/are incorrect?

Question 8

Select the correct statement from the following:
1) Conservation Reserve and Community Reserves are the outcomes of Forest Act, 2006.
2) It provided for a mechanism to provide a legal backing and recognition to the community initiated efforts in wildlife protection.
3) It provides for a flexible system of conservation.

Question 9

Which of the following is/are correct about National Green tribunal?
1). It draws inspiration from the India's constitutional provision of Article 21, which assures the citizens of India the right to a healthy environment.
2). The Tribunal shall be bound by the procedure laid down under the Code of Civil Procedure.
3). The tribunal is mandated to make and endeavor for disposal of applications or appeals finally within 1 year of filing of the same.
4). New Delhi is the Principal Place of Sitting of the Tribunal and Bhopal, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai shall be the other 4 place of sitting of the Tribunal

Question 10

The Schedule Tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 is a benchmark in Environmental legislation. Consider the following some of the salient features of it:
1). The maximum limit of the recognizing rights on forest land is 4 ha
2). Only National Parks and Sanctuaries have been included under this act
3). For the first time Forest Rights Act recognizes Community rights over their individual rights.
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