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Environment Quiz 18. 01. 2018

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Question 1

Which of the following regarding Pyramid of Bio-mass is/are correct?
1) In Pyramid of Biomass, the total dry weight of all organisms at each trophic level at a particular time is taken.
2) Biomass is measured in Kg/m sq.
3) Pyramid of Biomass can be upward or inverted.

Question 2

In the context of alternative sources of energy, ethanol as a viable bio-fuel can be obtained from

Question 3

Consider the following:
1. Loktak lake is the largest saline water lake located in the state of Manipur.
2. It is the part of Keibul Lamjao National park, which is the only Floating National Park
3. This National park is famous for two things, one is Phumdis and the other being Endangered Wild Ass.

Which of the above is incorrect?

Question 4

Arrange the following in the correct chronological order

1). National forest policy

2). Environment protection Act

3). Wildlife protection Act

4). Water(prevention and control of pollution) Act

5). Air(prevention and control of pollution) Act

6). The scheduled tribe and other forest dwellers(recognition of forest rights) act

7). Biological Diversity Act

Question 5

Match List I (Ethnic Community) with List II (Country) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists.
Description: Description: E:\UPSC-Civil-Service\17-Jan\2002\UPSC-2002-English_files\image005.png

Question 6

Assertion: High pollution in Northern and Central India, can affect the monsoonal systems.
Reason: This happens due to change in formation of clouds.
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