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Environment Quiz 15. 02. 2018

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Question 1

Some species of plants are insectivorous. Why?

Question 2

Consider the following about Allelopathy:
1). It is a form of biological competition
2). In this a plant releases chemicals that can either inhibit or damage the competitors.
3). The residue of allelochemicals may cause soil sickness.
Select the correct code:

Question 3

Which of the following is/are correct about terrestrial Biogeographic Realms?
1) They are large spatial regions within which ecosystem share a broadly similar biota.
2) In the world, there are 8 such realms out of which Indian region is composed of two realms.
3) The Himalayan region is represented by Malayan Realm.

Question 4

Consider these statements and choose the correct code:
1) The west Himalayas have heavy rainfall and heavy snowfall, thus it have temperate conditions.
2) Among the flora of western Himalayas, Rhododendrons and dwarf hill bamboo are common.
3) Chiru and Hangul are also found in this region.

Question 5

Read carefully. Which of the following can correctly said to be the purpose of botanical gardens?
1) To study the taxonomy of a plant but not its growth.
2) It acts as a germplasm collection.
3) It acts as a source of recreation.
4) It is not connected with the development of new hybrids.

Question 6

Select the incorrect one:
1) The concept name of the Carbon footprint originates from ecological footprint.
2) Carbon footprint is a measure of the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions of a defined population, system or activity, considering all relevant sources, sinks and storage.
3) Carbon footprint is calculated as carbon dioxide equivalent using the relevant 50-year global warming potential.

Question 7

Which of the following are the likely impacts of climate change as per the studies conducted so far?
1) Decrease in amount of arable land in high latitude regions
2) Reduced arable land along with coasts.
3) Agriculture is likely to be adversely impacted in India by a decrease only in overall amount of rainfall.

Question 8

During ‘Ecological Succession’ –

Question 9

Which of the following about Ecosystem is/are correct?
1) An Ecosystem is a structural and functional unit of biosphere.
2) If one part of an ecosystem is damaged or disappears, it may or may not have an impact on other thing present.
3) Ecosystems vary greatly in size and elements but each is a functionally unit of nature.

Question 10

Select the correct option from the following statements:
1) In aquatic ecosystem producers are various species of microscopic algae.
2) Phagotrophs feeds by ingesting organisms or organic particles, which are digested within its body.
3) Phagotrophs come under Micro consumers.
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