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Environment Quiz 01. 02. 2018

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Question 1

According to the evolutionary theory, formation of a new species is generally due to –

Question 2

An ecosystem includes –

Question 3

In the given food chain, suppose the amount of energy at fourth trophic level is 5 kJ, what will be the energy available at the producer level?
Grass Grasshopper Frog Snake Hawk

Question 4

Choose the correct option –

Question 5

Choose the correct statement regarding wind power –
1) It is expected to harness wind power to minimum in open space
2) The potential energy content of wind blowing at high altitudes is the source of wind power
3) Wind hitting at the blades of a windmill causes them to rotate The rotation thus achieved can be utilised further
4) One possible method of utilising the energy of rotational motion of the blades of a windmill is to run the turbine of an electric generator

Question 6

Consider the following statements about Coastal Protected Areas and its related aspects.
1) Marine Protected Area (MPA) includes both intertidal and sub tidal terrain.
2) Marine productivity in India is concentrated in small areas of coral reefs, lagoons, mangroves, estuaries and seagrass beds.
3) MPA also ensures sustainable productivity and fish production.
Which of the above is/are true?

Question 7

Identify the animal:
1) It inhibits the Ganges – Brahmaputra- Meghna and Karnaphuli-Sangu river systems of Nepal, India and Bangladesh.
2) Listed in Schedule 1 of WPA, 1972
3) Notified as National Aquatic Animal by MoEF.

Question 8

The World Day to combat Desertification is being celebrated every year on June 17th. In this context consider the following statements regarding United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)
1) It is the only convention stemming from a direct recommendation of the Rio Conference's Agenda 21.
2) It is the only internationally legally binding framework set up to address the problem of desertification.
Which of the given above statements is/are correct?

Question 9

The concept of carbon credit originated from which one of the following ?

Question 10

Consider the following:
1) Global Warming has resulted in decline in mountain glaciers and snow cover majorly in southern hemisphere whereas Northern has still not showed that signs.
2) A warmer climate will accelerate the hydrologic cycle, altering rainfall, magnitude and timing of run-off.
Which of the following is/are correct?
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