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Environment & Pollution Quiz (30.03.2019) || UGC-NET Paper 1

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Question 1

If country A is dumping its product on country B, then it implies that country A is:

Question 2

The pure monopolist obtains equilibrium level of output when:

Question 3

The population of India is about 1.2 billion. Take the average consumption of energy per person per year in India as 30 Mega Joules. If this consumption is met by carbon based fuels and the rate of carbon emissions per kilojoule is 15 × 106 kgs, the total carbon emissions per year from India will be

Question 4

Assertion (A): Price equal marginal cost under perfect competition.

Reason (R): In monopolistic competition, there is a price markup.

Question 5

Match List-I and List-II and Identify the correct code:
a. World Health Day
b. World population Day
c. World Ozone Day
d. World AIDS Day
i. 16th September
ii. 1st December
iii. 11th July
iv. 7th April

Question 6

Under the Air Quality Index in India, which of the following pollutants is not included?

Question 7

The factors which are most important in determining the impact of anthropogenic activities on environment are:

Question 8

Which of the following pollutants can cause cancer in humans?

Question 9

The main air pollutant[s] in metropolitan cities is/are

Question 10

Which of the following pollutants are not present in National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)?
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