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Environment & Pollution Quiz (22.03.2019) || UGC-NET Paper 1

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Question 1

There are four kinds of factors that influence the environment – topographic, climatic, edaphic, and biotic. Out of these, which is also known as physiographic factors?

Question 2

A monopolistic competitive trade market allows firms to:

Question 3

Choose the correct pairs of the event and the date.

(A) World Health Day – 8th April

(B) World Ozone Day-16th September

(C) World Environment Day- 5th June

(D) World Population Day-10th July


Question 4

Assertion (A):In urban areas, smog episodes occur frequently in winters.
Reason (R): In winters, a lot of biomass is burnt by people for heating purposes or to keep themselves warm. Choose the correct answer from the code given below:

Question 5

Lerner’s index of monopoly power is given by:

Question 6

Which of the following is not a water- borne disease?

Question 7

Which of the following natural hazards is not hydro-meteorological?

Question 8

Assertion (A) : Conserving our soil resources is critical to human survival.
Reason (R) :Soil is home to many micro- organisms and contains minerals.
Choose the correct code:

Question 9

Arrange the following fresh water resources in increasing order as per their percentage share.
1). Soil moisture
2). Glaciers
3). Rivers
4). Groundwater
5). Lakes
6). Atmospheric vapour

Question 10

For the process of Putrescibility, which of the following is used?
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