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Environment & Pollution Quiz (14.05.2019) || UGC-NET Paper 1

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Question 1

How many countries are involved in Ramsar Convention on Wetlands?

Question 2

Conference of Parties (COP24) is the supreme body of:

Question 3

Which of the following are the mitigation actions taken during the Earthquake?

(i) Move into an open area, away from the buildings, street lights and remain there until shaking stops.

(ii) If indoor, take cover under a piece of furniture or against an inside wall and stay inside.

(iii) Avoid danger spots near windows, mirrors or tall furniture.

(iv) If travelling in a vehicle, stop as soon as possible, but never near a building, tree.

Question 4

Arrange the following layers of the atmosphere from nearest to the farthest.

(i) Mesosphere 

(ii) Exosphere 

(iii) Troposphere

(iv) Stratosphere

(v) Thermosphere

Question 5

Which of the following indoor plant helps to improve indoor air quality?

Question 6

In which part of India, the tropical western Ghats are situated?

Question 7

In terms of their contribution to the total power generation in India, identify the correct sequence of energy sources-Thermal power plants (TPP), Large Hydropower projects (LHP), Nuclear Energy (NE) and Renewable Energy (RE) which includes solar energy, wind energy, biomass and small hydropower projects.

Question 8

The national Disaster Management Authority functions under the Union Ministry of

Question 9

Choose the correct pairs of the event and the date.

(A) World Health Day – 8th April

(B) World Ozone Day-16th September

(C) World Environment Day- 5th June

(D) World Population Day-10th July


Question 10

Assertion (A):In urban areas, smog episodes occur frequently in winters.
Reason (R): In winters, a lot of biomass is burnt by people for heating purposes or to keep themselves warm. Choose the correct answer from the code given below:
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