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Environment & Pollution Quiz (08.04.2019) || UGC-NET Paper 1

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Question 1

Which of the following indoor plant helps to improve indoor air quality?

Question 2

The primary source of organic pollution in fresh water bodies is

Question 3

Two earthquakes A and B happen to be of magnitude 5 and 6 respectively on Richter Scale. The ratio of the energies released EB/EA will be approximately:

Question 4

Inside rural homes, the source/sources of Nitrogen Oxide Pollution may be:
1) Unvented gas stoves
2) Wood stoves
3) Kerosene heaters
Choose the correct code:

Question 5

Which of the following phenomena is not a natural hazard?

Question 6

Which sector contributes the most to the emission of Green House Gases (GHGs)?

Question 7

The National Air Quality Index (AQI) considers which of the following pollutants for measuring air quality standards:

Question 8

Which among the following statements is/are true regarding natural resources?

Question 9

Which of the following resources naturally deplete without human intervention?

Question 10

Assertion (A) : People population control measures do not necessarily help in checking environmental degradation.
Reason (R) : The relationship between population growth and environmental degradation is rather complex.
Choose the correct answer from the following:
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