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Electrical Material: Electrical-JE Quiz 27

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Question 1

The coordination number for CCP crystal structure is

Question 2

In Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Structure, the number of nearest neighbour is:

Question 3

The hardness of nanomaterial increases linearly with:

Question 4

If the domain walls in a magnetic materials can easily be moved, the material displays

Question 5

When a Ferromagnetic substance is magnetizwd, the phenomenon of’ magnetostriction’ cause

Question 6

If the magnetic susceptibility of a specimen is small and positive, the specimen is

Question 7

The magnetic field required to reduce the residual magnetization to zero is called

Question 8

The complex permittivity and resulting wave losses are due to

Question 9

For high speed reading and storing of information in a computer, the core shall be of

Question 10

At a measuring frequency of 1012 Hz, the dielectric constant of a material will be due to

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