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Electrical Material: Electrical-JE Quiz 18

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Question 1

In an FCC Rhombohedral space lattice, which one of the following is correct?

Question 2

Cuprate superconductors contains:
i. magnesium
ii. copper
iii. oxygen
iv. nitrate

Question 3

Phonons(Quanta of lattice vibration) obey

Question 4

The magnetic domains, during the process of magnetization of ferromagnetic materials.

Question 5

Heating a permanent magnet results in the loss of magnetic behaviour because

Question 6

For high-speed reading and storing of information in a computer, the material used is

Question 7

Which one of the following materials is used for cable insulation?

Question 8

The phenomenon of magnetostriction occurs when a ferromagnetic substance is magnetized resulting in

Question 9

Which among the following metal will have lowest resistivity?

Question 10

The property of materials by which they can be drawn into thin sheets is:
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