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ECIL Subjects Revision Test-3 ( TOC & CN )

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Question 1

Consider the following regular expression.

Which of the following is equivalent to R?

Question 2

There exist an equivalent _____ for every pushdown automata?

Question 3

Let language be a CFL and is DCFL. If then what is L?

Question 4

Let L=L1L2 where L1 and Lare languages as defined below:


What can you say about L ?

Question 5

Identify the language accepted by the following NFA over

Question 6

The complement of a recursive Language is recursive

Question 7

Which one of the following protocols is NOT used to resolve one form of address to another one?

Question 8

Which of the following is/are example(s) of stateful application layer protocols?
(i) HTTP (ii) FTP
(iii) TCP (iv) POP3

Question 9

Which one of the following is not a client server application?

Question 10

Which among the following is not covered under OSI layer?

Question 11

Which of the following statement is false?

Question 12

Which of the following is the socket ID size in bits ?

Question 13

Find the string for following bytes if we use 64 bit encoding.

Question 14

Repeater operate similar to which also just create electronic nodes to extend the cable length

Question 15

Caesar Cipher is an example of
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