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Question 1

X walks southwards and then turns right, then left and then right. In which direction, is he moving now?

Question 2

A man walks 5km north. Then he turns to east and walks 7km. After this, he turns to north and walks 3km. Again he turns towards east and walks 8 km. How far is he from the starting point?

Question 3

Lata is in the north of Jaya at a distance of 50m who is in the west of Abhay at a distance of 80m. Abhay is in the east of Lalit at a distance of 40m who is in the north of Deepa at a distance of 30m. Deepa is in the south of Prakash at a distance of 20m who is in the east of Gopi at a distance of 100m. Abhay is in which direction with respect to Lata?

Question 4

Pinki moves 30m in the west direction from her house. Now she turned her left and moves 70m and again turned left and moves 85m. Now she took left turn and moves 70m. Now how far she is from her house?

Question 5

A is in the north-west direction of B. B is in the west direction of C. C is in the north direction of D. Now D is in which direction with respect to A?

Question 6

Bhavna is driving her car in the south direction and travelled 15km. Now she took right turn and drove for 10km and took left turn and travelled for 20km. Finally, she took left turn and drove for 10km. Bhavna is in which direction from her starting point and at what distance?

Question 7

A is to the west of B. C is to the south of A. The distance between points A and B is the same as the distance between points C and D which is 8m. D is in the south direction of B at a distance of 4m. What is the distance between points A and C?

Question 8

Starting from a point, a person travels 3 km towards east and turns left and travels 4 km. Then again he turns to left by 135 ° and moves straight. Which direction is he facing now?

Question 9

A paper boy cycles 10 km East, then turns South and cycles 3 km, then turns West and cycles 6 km, then turns to his right and cycles 3 km. Where is he now with reference to his starting position?

Question 10

Mukul was standing facing towards a pole at 7:00 AM. The shadow of the pole fell exactly to his right. Find the direction in which he was facing.
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