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Distance and direction quiz : 26.04.2018

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Question 1

Rahim rode on his bicycle from his house towards the market for 300 m. He was moving south-west. Then he turned left at an angle of 135° and rode for 100 m to visit a friend. In which direction is Rahim’s house located from his friend’s house ?

Question 2

Direction: The mall is 250 meters north-west of the market. The school is 250 meters south-west of the market. In which direction is the school from the mall?

Question 3

Deepak walks 20 meters towards North. He then turns left and walks 40 meters. He again turns left and walks 20 meters. Further he moves 20 meters after turning to the right. How far is he from his original position?

Question 4

Direction: Ram and Ravi start together from a point in opposite direction on scooters. Ram’s speed is 21 km/h and Ravi’s speed is 15 km/h. What will be the distance between them after 20 minutes?

Question 5

A man starts from a point, walks 5 km towards East, turns right and walks 3 km, turns right again and walks. What is the direction he is facing now?

Question 6

Amit is facing north. He turns 90 ° right and walks for 50 m, then turn towards the south and walks 50 m, then turns right to walk for another 50 m and from there, he walks 50 m towards north. In which direction/position is he from his original position?

Question 7

Direction: Sitara walked 45 metres in North-West from her uncle’s house. There she met her friend and they walked 45 metres in South-West direction. Then they walked 45 metres in South-East direction and turned to uncle’s house. Now in which direction they are going?

Question 8

From her home Jessica goes 18km north then 3km east then 6km north then 4km east. How far away is she from the starting point?

Question 9

A man is facing Northeast. He turns 270 clockwise then 90 anticlockwise then 45 clockwise then 90 anticlockwise then 180clockwise and then 90 anticlockwise. Which direction is he facing now?

Question 10

Keeping her back towards the rising sun, Reshma starts walking. After a few minutes she turns left and keeps on walking. Then a little later she turns right and then left. In which direction is she at the moment with respect to the starting point?
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