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DIstance and direction quiz : 09.05.2018

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Question 1

A and B start from the same point. A cycles 10 km South, then turns to her right and cycles 9 km. B cycles 2 km North, then turns West and cycles 15 km, then turns to her left and cycles 12 km. Where is B with respect to A now?

Question 2

Rahul leaves his home and walks 5 km towards east, turns in the south-east direction and walks for 10km, then he turns north-east and moves 10 km. Again, he moves towards the north for 10km. In which direction is he now from starting point?

Question 3

Three friends A, B and C are standing around an equilateral triangle park in such a way that A and B are standing at the base and C is standing at the top corner. The measure of each side is 6 meters. B is standing at the south-east of C. A and B walk towards North-West and North-East respectively for 6 meters at 60-degree angle. Then B and A turn towards their left and right respectively and meet at C. What is the distance between A and B now?

Question 4

If Laurie walks 10km Southwest then 5km east then turn 5km to his right then again turn 10 towards his right. In which direction is Laurie from the starting point?

Question 5

A girl walks 100 m straight from her home in south direction, to go to the market during her morning walk. Then she turns left for 60 m, then 85 m turning her right and then again turns right for 60 m. What is the shortest distance from her current location to the home ?

Question 6

Direction: A boy and a girl are facing each other. If the boy is standing at the north-west direction of the girl, in which direction is the girl to the boy?

Question 7

Daryl runs 5km south of his house, then walks 5km east and then runs another 2km southeast and reached Mike’s house. How far does Mike live from Daryl?

Question 8

A lady runs 12 km-towards North then 6 km towards South and then 8 km East. How far is she from her starting point and in which direction?

Question 9

Karan racing towards south moved straight 2 km and from there turned to his right 900 and travelled 2 km. Then he took a 1350 turn to his left and travelled 1 km. where would he be now with respect to the starting point?

Question 10

Rahul travelled from a point and straightly goes to point 'Y' at a distance of 90 metres. He turned right and walked 40 metres, then again turned right and walked 70 metres. Finally, he turned right and walked 40 metres. How far he is from the starting point?

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