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Distance and Direction Quiz : 08.04.2021

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Question 1

Rakesh starts walking from his house and then takes two left turns and one right turn to reach the market. If he is facing north on reaching the market, in which direction was Rakesh facing when he started from his house?

Question 2

A post-man starts cycling from his post office. He cycles 7 km South, then turns West and cycles 5 km, then turns North and cycles 6 km, then turns to his right and cycles 5 km. Where is he now with reference to his post office?

Question 3

N is south-east of M. T is east of N. G is south of T. G is in which direction of N?

Question 4

Ravi goes 42km north by car and then changes to bus which goes 5km east then 10km south then 5km east then 13km south then 5km east then 14km south then 5km east then 5km south then 5km east then 13km south and 5km west an 13km north and stops. The distance and direction in which Ravi is from the starting point?

Question 5

A girl is standing facing towards the south. She turns 135 degree in the anticlockwise direction and then again takes a 180 degree turn in the anticlockwise direction. Which direction is she facing now?

Question 6

A man is facing towards the east. He turns towards north and walks for 5 km, and then turns right and walks for 12 km more. What is the minimum distance between his initial and final position?

Question 7

Ravi'shouse is to the west of Ankit's house. Lavi's house is to the north of Ankit's house. In which direction is Lavi's house with respect to Ravi's house?

Question 8

Vishal travels 8 km towards east, then turns left and travels another 5 km, and then he turns 270 degrees anticlockwise. Which direction is he facing now?

Question 9

Abhinav travels 10 km north and turns left. Then he travels 6 km and turns right and cover another 7 km. He finally turns to right and travels another 6 km. How far (in km) is he from the point of starting his journey?

Question 10

Abhishek started from a point. A and walked 15 meters towards the south. He turned left and walked 20 meters. He then turned left again and walked 15 meters. He again turned left and walked 35 meters and reached a point B. how far and in which direction is point B with respect to point ‘A'?
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