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Distance and Direction Quiz : 08.02.2021

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Question 1

P starts from a point and walks towards the North for a certain distance and then takes her right and walks for a certain distance. She again takes her left and walks for a certain distance and finally takes her left and moves forward. In which direction is P moving forward?

Question 2

Rana walks 20 m straight in north direction and 20 m to the right. Then every turning to his left he walks 5, 25 and 25 metres respectively. How far is he from his starting point now?

Question 3

A postman starts delivering letters 3 km southwards and then turns right. He covers 4 km on this road and again turns right. He delivers letters for 3 km and completes his daily beat. Then, he turns left for lunch at home, which is 5 km away. What is the shortest distance between his Home and post-office ?

Question 4

Vineet goes 20km north and then 21km east and then takes a 135degree turn clockwise and walks and reaches the starting point again. Find the thrice of the total distance travelled by him till he reaches the start point again?

Question 5

If A is to the west of B, C is to the south of A and D is to the east of C, then D is in which direction of A?

Question 6

A woman walks 3 km North, then turns West and walks 4 km, then turns South and walks 7 km, then turns to her left and walks 4 km. Where is she now with reference to her starting position?

Question 7

Riya left home for school. She moved 5 km in the east direction, then she turned towards south-east to move 10 km, again she turned towards north-east to move for another 10 km. From there, she finally moved 5 km towards east to reach her school. How far is she from her home?

Question 8

B is in the west direction of K at a distance of 7m who is in the north of S at distance of 25m. H is in the west direction of S at a distance of 5m who is in the north of T at distance of 10m. T is in the west direction of L at a distance of 5m. B is in which direction of L and at what distance?

Question 9

Ram and Shyam start from a fixed point. Ram moves 6 km south and turns right and then covers 8 km. Shyam moves 10 km east and turns right and walks 6 km. Now how far and in which direction is Ram from Shyam?

Question 10

A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in a circular manner in the same order for lunch at equal distance. Their positions are clockwise. If C sits in the East, then what will be the position of H?
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