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Question 1

The bare ground between plants is covered with a layer of organic matter like straw. It helps to retain soil moisture’. Identify the process.

Question 2

In a certain code language, ‘LIP’ is written as ‘40’, ‘GILT’ is written as ‘51’. What is the code for ‘ROPE’ in that code language?

Question 3

A bus covers a distance of 1.8 km in 3 minutes. How much faster (in m/s) is it than a young athlete who runs 200 m in 25 s?

Question 4

After offering a discount of 20% on an article, a trader earned a profit of 20%. If the cost price is Rs.300, then what will be the selling price of the article after offering a discount of 25%?

Question 5

Which of the following chemical compound is used as a preservative in pickle?

Question 6

Cobalamin is the scientific name of Vitamin _____.

Question 7

The Indian Railways has integrated its helpline numbers into a single number. What is the number?

Question 8

Which railway station has been ranked top cleanest according to Quality Council of India's report 2019 ?

Question 9

A coloured or crooked perception of marketing and a short-sightedness about business is a phenomenon called:

Question 10

Who will be the beneficiaries under ‘Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan Scheme?
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