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Question 1

The ........ is a major iron ore belt in India

Question 2

If a mirror is placed on the line AB, then which of the answer figures is the right image of the given figure?

Question 3

Anil can make 20 bags in 4 days and Manoj can make 10 bags in 5 days. How many bags both Anil and Manoj together can make in one day?

Question 4

The profit earned on an article is 25%. If profit is calculated on the selling price, then what will be the profit percentage?

Question 5

Sodium hydroxide is NOT used for ...........

Question 6

Which of the following are NOT a part of the circulatory system?

Question 7

Indian railways is working with which organization to make trains safer?

Question 8

Which is India’s slowest train currently?

Question 9

To 'close a call' means

Question 10

Which of the following Steel plants of India does NOT come under the Public Sector?
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