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Question 1

When a number is increased by 21, it becomes 114% of itself. What is the number?

Question 2

The first women science congress was held in

Question 3

The unit impulse response of a system is:

For this system, the steady-state value of the output for unit step input is equal to

Question 4

The number of inputs and outputs in a full adder are

Question 5

In Figure below, what is the overall voltage gain as a number?

Question 6

In a d.c. series motor, if armature current is reduced to 70% of its original value, the torque of the motor will be reduced by

Question 7

In a voltmeter, the current conduction takes place due to

Question 8

Two identical coils carrying equal currents have a common centre and their planes are at right angles to each other. What is the ratio of magnitudes of the resultant magnetic field and the field due to each coil at the centre?

Question 9

A dc circuit shown has a voltage V, a current source I and several resistors. A particular resistor R dissipates a power of 4 Watts when V alone is active. The same resistor R dissipates a power of 9 Watts when I alone is active. The power dissipated by R when both sources are active will be

Description: Description: E:\Gate\BSNL-PYSP\Previous-Paper-Solved-2009_files\image155.jpg

Question 10

A synchronous motor having a power consumption of 50 kW is connected in parallel with a load of 200 kW having p.f. of 0.8 lag. The excitation of the motor is adjusted until combined p.f. becomes 0.9 lag. What is the p.f. of synchronous motor?
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