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DFCCIL Exec & Jr. Exec (BD & Operations) Quiz : 07.05.21

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Question 1

Bruny Surin, the Olympian athlete belongs to which of the following countries?

Question 2

The full form of INTACH is:

Question 3

In a certain code language, ‘BOTANY’ is written as ‘CQWBPB’. What will be the code for ‘INSECT’ in that code language?

Question 4

Read the given statements and conclusions carefully. Assuming that the information given in the statements is true, even if it appears to be at variance with commonly known facts, decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the statements.


I. All P are Q.

II. Some Q are Z.

III. Some Z are T.


I. Some T are P.

II. Some P are Z.

III. No T is Z.

Question 5

If X : Y : Z = 1 : 2 : 3 and, X2 + Y2 + Z2 = 224, then what is the value of X + Y + Z ?

Question 6

The cost price of an article 1 is six times of the profit earned by selling it at SP1. Cost price of article 2 is three times the loss incurred by selling it at SP2. If the cost prices of the articles are the same, then what is the ratio of SP1 and SP2?

Question 7

Who invented penicillin?

Question 8

Which of the following is also called the First Law of Thermodynamics?

Question 9

Fiscal Deficit means ______.

Question 10

Which bridge connects Dibrugarh in Assam to Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh?
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