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DFCCIL EE/EC Electromagnetic Fields QUIZ - 6

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Question 1

A rectangular waveguide having TE10 mode as dominant mode is having a cutoff frequency of 18-GHz for the TE30 mode. The inner broad-wall dimension of the rectangular waveguide is:

Question 2

A rectangular waveguide of internal dimensions (a = 4 cm and b = 3) is to be operated TE11 mode. The minimum operating frequency is

Question 3

A rectangular waveguide is air-filled and operated at 30 GHz. Given that the cutoff frequency of the TM21 mode is 18 GHz. Then the intrinsic impedance of this mode is -------(in Ω)

Question 4

An air-filled rectangular waveguide has dimension a = 2 cm and b = 1.5cm. If waveguide is operating at 15 GHz with TE01 mode, then the corresponding phase velocity will be

Question 5

As the wave frequency approaches to cut-off frequency of wave guide, the correct statement is:

Question 6

The dominant mode in rectangular wave guide is
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