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DFCCIL EE/EC Electromagnetic Fields QUIZ - 5

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Question 1

In a thin wire transmission line in air, the adjacent voltage maxima are at 12.5 cm and 27.5 cm. The operating frequency is ______.

Question 2

Magnitude of input impedance of a lossless transmission line terminated with is:

Question 3

Using a quarter wave transformer of characteristic impedance 1 , a load impedance of 100 will be transformed to an input impedance of value

Question 4

Find the VSWR in lossless transmission line, if impedance resistance is 100Ω and pure reactance load is (j150)Ω

Question 5

At a frequency of 70 MHz, a lossless transmission line has a characteristic impedance of 500 and a wavelength of 2m. What’s the value of inductance per meter?

Question 6

Characteristic impedance of a transmission line is 50 Ω. Input impedance of the open circuited line is ZOC = 100 + j150 Ω. When the transmission line is short circuited the value of the input impedance will be
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