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DFCCIL EE/EC Electromagnetic Fields QUIZ - 3

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Question 1

How much force will a conductor of length 5 m and width 15 cm, located along the z-direction and having 3 A current experience if B= 0.04 ay (T)?

Question 2

The force on a current carrying conductor when placed in an external magnetic field would be maximum when

Question 3

A charged particle of charge q and mass m enters perpendicularly in a magnetic field. Kinetic energy of the particle is E; then frequency of rotation is:

Question 4

A straight wire carrying a current 10 A is bent into a semicircular arc of radius 5 cm. The magnitude of magnetic field at the center is

Question 5

If there are two parallel conductors which are carrying current I1 and I2 in same direction. If the current I1 is doubled and I2 is made one third also distance between the wires is increased 4 times find the ratio of final to initial force per unit length on wires and nature of the force.

Question 6

What will be the force acting on a conductor rod of length 3 m carrying a current of 1 A placed at 20 cm from an infinitely long straight wire carrying 10 A current?
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