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DFCCIL EE/EC Electromagnetic Fields QUIZ - 2

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Question 1

A charge q  is placed at the center of a cube of a side 0.1 m, then the electric flux diverging from each face of the cube is:

Question 2

The electric potential V at any point x, y, z (all in metres) in space is given by V = 4x2volt. The electric field at the point (1m, 0, 2m) in volt/metre is

Question 3

A spherical conductor of radius 10 cm has a charge of 3.2 × 10–7 C distributed uniformly. What is the magnitude of electric field at a point 15 cm from the centre of the sphere?

Question 4

Eight equal charges each +Q are kept at the corners of a cube. Net electric field at the centre will be

Question 5

Two point charges 1 &  are separated by a certain distance. What will be ratio of forces acting on these two

Question 6

What is the flux through a cube of side a, if a point charge of q is placed at one of its corners?
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