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"DFCCIL EC/EE Engineering Mathematics QUIZ - 4"

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Question 1

A cuboidal water tank has 729 litres of water. Its depth is of its length and breadth is of of the difference of length and depth. The length of the tank is

Question 2

A field is in the form of a rectangle of length 18 m and width 15 m. A 7.5 m long, 6 m broad and 0.8 m deep pit is dug in a corner of the field and the earth taken out is evenly spread over the remaining area of the field. The level of the field raised is:

Question 3

Length and breadth of a rectangular field is 24m and 20 m respectively. A 2 m wide track is constructed along its boundary inside. Find the number of tiles required to construct the track if its's length and breadth are 8 cm and 2 cm respectively?

Question 4

A well 20 m in diameter is dug 56 m deep and the earth taken Out is spread all around it to a width of 5 m to form an embankment. The height of the embankment is:

Question 5

If the radius of a right circular cylinder open at both the ends, is decreased by 25% and the height of the cylinder is increased by 25%. Then the curved surface area of the cylinder thus formed is:

Question 6

A cube of the metal each edge of which measures 15cm, weighs 225Kg. What is the length of each edge of a cube of the same metal which weighs 48.6Kg?
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