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"DFCCIL EC/EE Engineering Mathematics QUIZ - 3"

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Question 1

A husband and wife appear in an interview for two vacancies for same post. The probability of husband getting selected is 1/5 while the probability of wife getting selected is 1/7. Then the probability that at least one of them getting selected is

Question 2

A box contains 6 black and 5 red balls. Two balls are drawn one after another from the box without replacement. The probability for both balls to be red is

Question 3

Let E and F be any two events with P(EUF)=0.8, P(E)=0.4 and P(E/F)=0.3. Then P(F) is

Question 4

There are 20 locks and 20 matching keys. Maximum number of trials required to match all the locks is

Question 5

A purse contains 4 copper coins and 3 silver coins. A second purse contains 6 copper coins and 4 silver coins. A purse is chosen randomly and a con is taken out of it. What is the probability that it is copper coin?

Question 6

A box contains 5 red and 10 green balls. Eight (8) of them are placed in another box. The chances that the latter box contains 2 red and 6 green balls are
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