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Day-23: Research Aptitude Quiz for UGC NET Exam

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Question 1

Which of the following statements regarding the meaning of research are correct?
a) Research refers to a series of systematic activity or activities undertaken to find out the solution of a problem.
b) It is systematic, logical and an unbiased process wherein verification of hypothesis, data analysis, interpretation and formation of principles can be done.
c) It is an intellectual enquiry or quest towards truth.
d) It leads to enhancement of knowledge.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

Question 2

In which of the following arrangements a wider spectrum of ideas and issues may be made possible?

Question 3

In finalizing a thesis writing format which of the following would form part of supplementary pages?

Question 4

Which of the following research types focuses on ameliorating the prevailing situations?

Question 5

Which kind of study will be the most appropriate to learn which diseases affect girls’ health from age 10 to 15?

Question 6

A medical study is observing diabetes patients in a government hospital to learn about the causes. This study comes under which kind of research?

Question 7

Match with the appropriate item:

A - B - C - D

Question 8

The four major operations in scientific research are:
(a) Demonstration of co-variance
(b) Elimination of spurious relations
(c) Sequencing in terms of time-order
(d) Self-education
(e) Operationalization of personal choice
(f) Theorisation

Question 9

Artifacts that arise and affect the internal validity in research are:
(a) History
(b) Randomisation
(c) Maturity
(d) Instrumentation
(e) Experimental mortality
(f) Matching

Question 10

Numbering the citations linked to footnotes or endnotes is done in which of the following formats?
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