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Daily Quiz on General Mental Ability _WBCS _18-10-2022

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Question 1

If the radius of a circle is increased by 29% its area increases by

Question 2

Dr. Mruthula walks 24 m east from point A and reaches point B in Apollo hospital. From point B she takes left turn and walks 8 m and then she takes right turn and walked 12 m and again she takes right turn and walks 14 m and again takes right turn and reaches point M. If it is given that the starting point is in north from point where she ends her journey, then what is the distance between the points A and M?

Question 3

‘A # B’ means ‘A is the sister of B’;

‘A $ B’ means ‘A is the father of B’.

‘A @ B’ means ‘A is the wife of B’.

‘A % B’ means ‘A is the brother of B’.

Which of the following options means ‘J is the father of R’?

Question 4

If x2 – 3x + 1= 0, then what is the value of ?

Question 5

The flight fare between two cities is increased in the ratio 11:13. What is the increase (in Rs) in the fare, if the original fare was Rs 12100?
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