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Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 30th November 2023

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Question 1

The religious movement known as the "Mahima Cult" has its roots in which state?

Question 2

Which institution launched the "FASTER 2.0" Portal?

Question 3

How many total homes will India construct as part of its housing initiative in Sri Lanka's plantation areas?

Question 4

India conducted a joint military exercise ‘AustraHind 2023’ with which country?

Question 5

The National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) was funded by Government of India and which bank?

Question 6

Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger passed away. He belonged to _____.

Question 7

Which city hosted the World Climate Action Summit 2023?

Question 8

As per SEBI Mandate, how many basis points of assets of AMCs should be spent on investor awareness activities?

Question 9

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved USD 500 million loan to enhance tertiary health care and medical education in which state?

Question 10

What is the mascot of the maiden Khelo India Para Games 2023?
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