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Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 24th October 2023

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Question 1

Which state is the host of the ‘53rd edition of the International Film Festival of India’?

Question 2

What percentage growth has been forecasted in electric vehicles by 2030 by the Power and New and Renewable Energy Ministry?

Question 3

In August 2023, the State Bank of India (SBI) raised ₹10,000 Crore. In this context, which of the following statements is/are incorrect?

1. The bank has raised the above-mentioned amount through its third infrastructure bond issuance.

2. The bonds have a tenor of 15 years.

3. The coupon rate of the infrastructure bonds is set at 7.54%, representing a spread of 13 basis points over the corresponding FBIL G-Sec par curve.

Choose the correct code:

Question 4

In October 2023, who among the following has been appointed as a brand ambassador of Puma?

Question 5

In October 2023, Union Minister for Education Dharmendra Pradhan launched a web portal having activity-based support material such as quiz , puzzles, etc for school students on Mission Chandrayaan-3?

Question 6

In October 2023, which of the following countries with India launched a ferry service across the Palk Strait under a new roadmap for greater connectivity?

Question 7

In October 2023, which of the following countries with India have  '2+2' foreign and defence dialogue  to boost cooperation in a range of key areas such as trade and investment, defence, critical technologies, civil aviation, health and energy?

Question 8

Former Gita Mehta, who recently passed away, was a famous_______?

Question 9

Former M S Gill, who recently passed away belongs to which of the following field?

Question 10

Which of the following organisations has recently (in Sept ‘23) prepared the “Global Trends

in Child Monetary Poverty According to International Poverty Lines” report with the key

finding that children accounted for 52.5% of the total extreme poor population in the world?

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