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Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 14th December 2023

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Question 1

What is the estimated budget for establishing the PM College of Excellence in Madhya Pradesh?

Question 2

How much remuneration will ‘tendu leaf’ collectors receive in Madhya Pradesh due to the increased tendu leaf collection rate?

Question 3

Which author has been awarded the 33rd Vyas Samman of the K.K. Birla Foundation in 2023?

Question 4

In India the National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year on which of the following dates?

Question 5

On which day Bangladesh observes Martyred Intellectuals Day?

Question 6

How many healthcare centers will be established by OYO’s founder, Ritesh Agarwal, for the underprivileged in his home state of Odisha over the next year?

Question 7

For which category is Falguni Shah nominated at the 2024 Grammy Awards?

Question 8

In which of the following states did the Indian government and the ADB (Asian Development Bank) sign a $200 million loan to improve the quality, efficiency, and reliability of power supply in the State?

Question 9

What is the purpose of the collaboration between ACKO General Insurance and PhonePe?

Question 10

Who won the women's doubles title at the Guwahati Masters 2023 badminton tournament?

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