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Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 13th March 2023

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Question 1

Who among the following has won the Best Male Actor award at the 95th Academy Awards for his role in 'The Whale'?

Question 2

What is the theme of the first Supreme Audit Institution 20 (SAI20) Senior Officers Meeting is being organized from 13th -15th March 2023 in Guwahati?

Question 3

In March 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway in Karnataka to the nation. This expressway is ________ km long.

Question 4

With the reference to the March 2023 news, which of the following Railways Zone achieved 100% electrification of its broad gauge network of 3,825 kilometers in February 2023?

Question 5

In March 2023, which of the following Indian Cities launched a new initiative called 'beggar-free city' to not allow begging in public places? (March 2023)

Question 6

As per the PhonePe and Boston Consulting Group report, released in March 2023, the digital payments market of India will more than triple from $3 trillion to $10 trillion by __________.

Question 7

In March 2023, India and Australia signed an audio-visual co-production agreement. In this context, which of the following statements is/are correct?

1. It offers filmmakers financial incentives amounting to up to 20% of the expenditure incurred in the respective countries.

2. Australia is the 10th country with which India has a co-production agreement.

3. In case of the shooting of foreign films, a 5 percent bonus, up to a maximum of Rs 50 lakh, as additional reimbursement would be granted for employing 15 percent or more manpower in India.

Choose the correct code:

Question 8

In March 2023, which of the following countries signed a pact on increasing private-sector cooperation in the area of semiconductors to facilitate business opportunities and develop an ecosystem with a view to reducing their dependency on China and Taiwan?

Question 9

The second edition of 'World Food India-2023’ will be organized from 3-5 November 2023 in which of the following states/UTs?

Question 10

In March 2023, which of the following metro becomes the first Metro in the country to accept Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?
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