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Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 11th December 2023

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Question 1

Which countries hosted 27th WAIPA World Investment Conference?

Question 2

Which city hosted 26th meeting of Eastern Zonal Council?

Question 3

Which of the following advanced AI model has been launched by Google's parent company Alphabet?

Question 4

Who has been chosen as 'CEO of the Year' by Time Magazine?

Question 5

ASEAN India Grassroots Innovation Forum (AIGIF) was launched in which country?

Question 6

Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the India Debt Resolution Co Ltd (IDRCL)?

Question 7

Which of the following banks has introduced youth-centric “FIRST SWYP” credit card in partnership with Mastercard?

Question 8

Which Indian-origin novelist was honored with Singapore's highest art honour?

Question 9

Garba dance was included in the list of UNESCO's 'Intangible Cultural Heritage', it belongs to which state?

Question 10

What is the theme of International Mountain Day 2023?
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