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Daily GK and Current Affairs Quiz: 10th May 2022

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Question 1

Recently, Columbia University has presented the Pulitzer Prize 2022, which among the following Indian journalist has not received the Pulitzer Prize 2022?

Question 2

Which among the following ministry has participated in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM), Dubai-2022 under its 'Incredible India' brand line?

Question 3

Which police force has received the President’s Colours award for exemplary service during the past 25 years?

Question 4

Which area of Manipur has been declared to be a Drug-Free Zone to support the State government’s campaign 'War on Drug'?

Question 5

Who chaired the committee, which was formed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for advising on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related matters in the securities market?

Question 6

Who among the following Indians will receive the Member of the Royal Order of British Empire (MBE) recognition from the Queen for providing ventilators during a pandemic?

Question 7

Etsy has signed an MoU with the North Eastern Handicrafts and Handloom Development Corporation (NEHHDC) to support small sellers, weavers and artisans. Where is the headquarters of Etsy?

Question 8

Veteran music composer, Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma has passed away, was associated with which instrument?

Question 9

Trinanjan Chakraborty has won the Romain Rolland Prize 2022 for the Bengali translation of the French novel, Meursault contre-enquête. Who is the writer of this book?

Question 10

RailTel, Mini Ratna PSU has launched the PM-WANI scheme based on access to its Public WiFi services across 100 railway stations across the country. What is the full form of PM-WANI?
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