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Question 1

_____________is an Artificial method of Asexual Reproduction, used to produce plants, combining desired stem with favourable Root Characteristic.

Question 2

“Currently there is increased demand for fresh and good quality flowers for human consumption worldwide”.

The above statement is based on the following potential values of flowers. Which one is not appropriate with the context of above statement.

Question 3

Which of the following Protozoan disease is transmitted by bite of tse tse fly ?

Question 4

The cell was first time described by ____________.

Question 5

Match the following (use correct codes):

(a) Aristotle (i) Father of Medicine

(b) Theophrastus (ii) Father of Genetics

(c) Hippocrates (iii) Father of Botany

(d) Gregor Johann Mendel (iv) Father of Biology

(a) (b) (c) (d)

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