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Daily Current Affairs Quiz || MBA || 30th January

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Question 1

In January 2023, which of the following banks signed a co-lending agreement with Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd (AHFL) to offer home loans at competitive interest rates?

Question 2

Which of the following foundations joined hands with CARE to launch the global agriculture-focused women empowerment programme 'She Feeds the World' in two districts of West Bengal?

Question 3

In January 2023, who has been sworn in as the 41st prime minister of New Zealand by the governor-general, after the resignation of former PM Jacinda Ardern? (January 2023)

Question 4

In January 2023, Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi, who passed away at 95, was a renowned _________.

Question 5

Which of the following men's cricket teams topped the ICC ODI rankings after defeating New Zealand?

Question 6

US military's research and development agency, DARPA will partner with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop nuclear-powered rockets that could fly astronauts to ___________.

Question 7

In January 2023, who has been appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of JPMorgan Chase & Co (India) for three years, after receiving approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

Question 8

Who among the following was appointed as the first Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Tata Trusts, with effect from April 1, 2023? (January 2023)

Question 9

Who will replace N Srinath as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of India's charitable foundation Tata Trusts from April 1, 2023?

Question 10

The cultural heritage of Odesa was designated as a World Heritage in Danger site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at the Paris meeting. This site is located in which of the following countries?
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