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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 6th April 2021

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Question 1

Multinational Military Exercise titled ‘SHANTIR OGROSHENA 2021’ was held in which country?

Question 2

Which becomes the first state to commission India’s first Farm-based Solar Power Project under the PM-KUSUM scheme?

Question 3

India's biggest floating solar power plant with a capacity of 100 megawatt is expected to become operational in which state?

Question 4

Who has been appointed as the chairperson of the Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB)?

Question 5

Japanese Nobel Laureates, Isamu Akasaki passed away recently, he had won the prize in which subject?

Question 6

Who has authored the book titled “Suparipalana” released by the Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu?

Question 7

Which state emerge as the highest contributor to the small savings schemes such as NSC and PPF?

Question 8

Who among the following has recently been appointed as the additional director of at Britannia Industries board?

Question 9

Who has been conferred with the Kalinga Ratna Samman for the year 2021?

Question 10

Which country will host the 2023 men's boxing World Championships?
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