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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 4th February 2021

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Question 1

Which state is going to open its first Human Milk Bank (HMB), a state-of-art facility with the support of the Rotary Club to ensure breast milk for newborn babies, who are not being breastfed by their own mothers?

Question 2

India’s first wetland conservation center ‘Centre for Wetland Conservation and Management (CWCM)’ has been be set up in which city of India?

Question 3

Which word has been named as the Hindi word of the year 2020 by Oxford Languages?

Question 4

Who has authored the book titled “The Little Book of Encouragement”?

Question 5

Name the aerospace company that has launched ‘Stardust 1.0’, the World’s 1st Commercial Rocket launch powered by Biofuel?

Question 6

Which state government has launched ‘Har Ghar Pani, Har Ghar Safai’ mission, aimed at providing 100% potable water supply to all rural households of the state by March, 2022?

Question 7

Which state government has launched ‘Pragyan Bharati’ scheme for college students under which each student will be given Rs 1,500 for purchasing new text books?

Question 8

Name the Indian cricketer who has been named as ICC Men's Player of the Month award for January 2021?

Question 9

Who has authored the book titled the book titled ‘Yes Man: The Untold Story of Rana Kapoor’?

Question 10

Name the Australian cricketer who has been inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame?
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