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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 25th May 2021

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Question 1

Narinder Batra of India has been re-elected as the President of which sport organization?

Question 2

Which sporting club has won the 2020-21 La Liga title?

Question 3

Who has won the men’s singles title at 2021 Lyon Open tennis in France?

Question 4

Who won the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix title 2021?

Question 5

Which country’s governing body of hockey has won the prestigious Etienne Glichitch Award?

Question 6

Who has won the Men's Singles title at Geneva Open tennis tournament?

Question 7

Who has been awarded the India Biodiversity Award 2021 in the individual category of ‘Conservation of domesticated species’?

Question 8

Name the former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission who passed away recently (May 2021)?

Question 9

Who has been emerged as the highest-paid athletes in the world for 2021 according to the list released by Forbes?

Question 10

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) comes under administrative control of which minister that has  Launched ‘SAMVEDNA’ to Provide Psycho-Social Mental Support for Children During Covid-19?
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