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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 24th February 2021

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Question 1

Who resigned as the chief minister of Puducherry after failing to win the trust vote in the assembly?

Question 2

With which country India has signed a landmark Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA)?

Question 3

Construction of how many houses have been approved under PMAY-U at 53rd Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee Meeting?

Question 4

Scientist from which IIT developed washable adhesive and related products?

Question 5

India’s first Digital University has been launched in which state?

Question 6

Name the Punjabi singer who has been roped in by the Reserve Bank of India to drive its public awareness campaigns on cyber frauds?

Question 7

How many toy manufacturing clusters have been approved by the Central Government at a cost of Rs 2,300 crore?

Question 8

The ‘3rd edition of the Indian Sign Language (ISL) Dictionary with 10,000 terms has been published by the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre (ISLRTC), it is an autonomous Institute under which ministry?

Question 9

Who has authored the book titled “Agriculture Acts 2020”?

Question 10

Which state government has approved the implementation of mission ‘Lal Lakir’ to enable villagers living within the ‘Lal Lakir’ to monetise their property rights and for availing benefits provided by the government departments, institutions and banks?
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