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Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 20th April 2021

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Question 1

Who has won the Emilia Romagna F1 Grand Prix 2021, in Imola, Italy?

Question 2

34th edition of the Senior Asian Wrestling Championships was held in which country?

Question 3

The United States space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) awarded $2.89 billion contract to which company for its Artemis programme?

Question 4

Indian conducted Joint Special Forces Exercise ‘Khanjar’ with which country?

Question 5

Which tech giant has bought AI speech tech firm Nuance for $19 .7 billion?

Question 6

Which bank has partnered with Mastercard to launch a mobile-based consumer-friendly payment solution ‘Pay by Bank App’, a first-of-its-kind payment functionality in India?

Question 7

What is the theme of the World Heritage Day observing every year on 18th April?

Question 8

World Liver Day is observed every year on which date?

Question 9

Which social media giant has signed a deal to buy renewable energy in India from a local firm's wind power project that is companies first such deal in the country?

Question 10

With which tech giant the Agricultural Ministry of India recently signed Memorandum of Understanding to implement a pilot project in 100 villages of six states to promote digital agriculture.?
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