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Daily Current Affairs Quiz: 17-06-2024

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Question 1

The Right to Life and Personal Liberty is assured by the Indian Constitution under:

Question 2

‘Global Gender Gap’ Report is released by the:

Question 3

Consider the following statements with respect to PoSH Act:
1. It is a legislation enacted by the Government of India to address the issue of sexual harassment faced by women in the workplace.
2. Vishakha guidelines formed the basis for the PoSH Act.
Which of these statements is/are incorrect?

Question 4

Consider the following statements with respect to the Council of Ministers (COM):
1. The Constitution classifies the members of the COM into different ranks. 
2. Ministers of State (MoS) with independent charge directly report to the Prime Minister for their respective ministries.
3. Cabinet Ministers are higher in rank and handle large portfolios while MoS assist the Cabinet Ministers and work under them. 

How many of these statements is/are correct?

Question 5

Which among the following is Indian Air Force’s first multinational air exercise?
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