World Kindness Day [13th November, 2023]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Nov 9, 2023, 12:29

World Kindness Day is observed on 13th November every year. On this day, the power of kindness and the impact it can make is highlighted. Although this day is not recognized by the United Nations yet, it is celebrated widely around the globe. World Kindness Day is a celebration of all the kind hearts who go out of their way to help people in need.

The celebration of World Kindness Day is encouraged in schools, workplaces, colleges, and public places. To know more about the origin of Kindness Day and its significance, read the information given below.

World Kindness Day 2023

World Kindness Day is a global observation that emphasizes the need to be kind to one other in order to thrive peacefully as a global community. This year, World Kindness Day will be celebrated on Monday, 13th November 2023. This day is observed in countries such as Nigeria, Canada, Australia, Italy, UAE, UK, and India.


World Kindness Day

Celebrated On

13th November every year

Established In



To promote kindness among all

World Kindness Day 2022 Theme

On World Kindness Day, several campaigns and events are organized to promote the idea of kindness for all. To keep the motive of the day uniform, a unique theme is decided for this day every year. All the events, discussions, and festivities of the day revolve around this theme.

World Kindness Day 2022 theme is “Be Kind Whenever Possible.” This simple theme invokes a sense of responsibility on the individual to practice kindness and compassion in everyday life.

History of World Kindness Day

Around 27 countries of the world celebrates World Kindness Day with much enthusiasm. Every year, more and more countries participate in the celebration of this day. The history of World Kindness Day is as follows:

  • The idea of a day of kindness was first put forward in 1998 at the Tokyo conference.
  • It is now a worldwide movement that reminds everyone of how an act of kindness has the power to change the world.
  • The World Kindness Movement brought together several small organizations from different nations.
  • Currently, more than 27 countries participate in the World Kindness Movement. This includes India, Canada, Brazil, the United States, Japan, Australia, United Arab Emirates, and Italy.

Significance of World Kindness Day

Kindness has never been more relevant than in today's time. The world is fighting against the pandemic, and people are suffering in different ways. In such times, kindness can go a long way. The sense of satisfaction achieved after helping people is great for our own well-being. Every year, 13th November is observed as World Kindness Day. The day is celebrated to help people understand the power of kindness.

Today, although we live in a hectic and self-concentrated world, we do come across acts of kindness that warm up our hearts. Being kind and doing good for others is a great moral value to nurture. World Kindness Day reminds everyone that kindness is expressed through words and actions and it has the power to change the world.

Themes for World Kindness Day [2018 to 2023]

As mentioned before, a different theme is set every year on Kindness Day. Here, we have enlisted some of the previous year themes:




Nurturing Kindness




The World We Make - Inspire Kindness


The World We Make- Inspire Kindness


Be Kind Whenever Possible

World Kindness Day Activities

One small act of kindness can have a domino effect and can cascade through many people. Given below are a few simple ways to add sunshine to someone's cloudy day. On World Kindness Day, practice the activities listed below:

  • Speak kindly and respectfully
  • Write positive appreciation notes to people
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Compliment someone
  • Offer help for everyday chores to elderly neighbors
  • Share goodies with co-workers
  • Plant a tree and nourish a garden
  • Volunteer for community work
  • Give a hug
  • Send flowers to friends and family
  • Pick up trash and tidy up your home
  • Listen to people
  • Take a day off and enjoy what you like doing the most
  • Spend time with your children and compliment them for their hard work

World Kindness Day Quotes

  • Kindness has the power to change the world.
  • Kindness makes the world a better place.
  • Kind hearts save the world.
  • Practice kindness and be someone’s sunshine on a cloudy day.

FAQs on World Kindness Day

Q1. What is World Kindness Day?

World Kindness Day is a day established by the World Kindness Movement. It is celebrated on 13th Novemeber every year. On this day, people and NGOs from all over the world highlight the significance of kindness and the impact it can have on people.

Q2. When is World Kindness Day celebrated?

World Kindness Day is celebrated annually on 13th November. This day was established by a coalition of various kindness NGOs operating in different parts of the world, the World Kindness Movement. The movement gradually spread and is now observed widely.

Q3. What is the World Kindness Day 2022 theme?

World Kindness Day theme 2022 is “Be Kind Wherever Possible.” The campaigns, celebrations, discussions, and events held on Kindness Day will focus on this theme. On every World Kindness Day, a different theme is suggested by the World Kindness Movement.

Q4. What are the best World Kindness Day activities?

Some activities that you can partake in on World Kindness Day can include complimenting someone, offering help for everyday chores to elderly neighbors, sharing goodies with co-workers, planting a tree and nourishing a garden, volunteering for community work, etc.

Q5. Why is it important to be kind?

Kindness not only helps the person in need, but the satisfaction of helping someone in need leads to the feeling of high self-worth and is good for our well-being. To promote kindness among all, World Kindness Day is celebrated on 13th November each year.