Operation CO-JEET

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Mar 2, 2023, 16:29

COVID-19 hit India harder than the scientists and medical professionals predicted, leaving the country utterly unprepared to face the severe magnitude of the COVID-19 wave. Not only India but other countries worldwide are also facing similar issues in decreasing the spread of the virus and declining the mortality rate.

While global aid is on the way to help the exhausted medical supply and infrastructure in India, other initiatives have been launched to help with the same. The armed forces of India have launched Operation CO-JEET to help combat the pandemic, facilitate oxygen supply in the country, strengthen the existing medical infrastructure and ensure the mental well-being of the citizens.

Operation CO-JEET Significance

The armed forces launched Operation CO-JEET to support anti-COVID-19 efforts, handling the second wave of Covid-19 infections as a war. They would be reinforcing oxygen supply chains and health systems, as well as ensuring people's mental health.

This initiative will be carried out by giving local military commanders or area commanders full authority to collaborate and coordinate with their respective state governments on the COVID-19 front.

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Objectives of Operation CO-JEET

Lt General Madhuri Kanitkar, the Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Medical), stated that we need to fight the virus-like war. Thus Operation CO-JEET is the first step in this journey.

Lieutenant General Dr Madhuri Kanitkar is the third woman in the country to become a three-star general in the armed forces. She has been working relentlessly on strategies and taking steps to introduce practical anti-COVID-19 steps to provide relief to COVID-19 patients.

Under this operation, all three wings of the armed forces- The Army, The Navy, and The Air Force have been called upon to aid anti-COVID-19 efforts. Under this operation, Lt General Madhuri Kanitkar assured that the armed forces would help in the country's vaccination drive.

Aim of Operation CO-JEET

Here are the primary aims of CO-JEET -

The second wave of COVID-19 hit India drastically. Needless, the country wasn't prepared for it. Indian Defense stepped in to help the citizens. It will aid the local administration in ensuring treatments and empty hospital beds for the needy.

Army officials have also assured immediate treatment and medical facilities for people facing life-threatening consequences of COVID-19. Army officials also assured immediate medical treatment to senior citizens suffering from COVID-19.

Remount Veterinary Corps staff will aid in providing information to patients' families in make-shift hospitals. The Indian Navy transported liquid oxygen to Andaman & Nicobar Island and Lakshadweep while the Army was working on the ground to supply oxygen to corners of the country.

The second wave of COVID-19 has left India in utter despair. India hit the peak of the second wave of covid-19 on May 7 by recording a single-day hike of fresh 4.14 lakh cases. India was not prepared to handle the second wave of coronavirus. With India's health care system on the brink, we need initiatives like Operation CO-JEET to help us in these unprecedented times.

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FAQs on Operation CO-JEET

Q1. What is the meaning of the operation of CO-JEET?

JEET in Hindi means win. Operation CO-JEET was launched as an attack to win the war on COVID-19.

Q2. Who is part of Operation CO-JEET?

All three wings of Army Personnel, including the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy, are part of the Operation CO-JEET.

Q3. Which three-star general is part of Operation CO-JEET?

Lieutenant General Dr Madhuri Kanitkar, who is also the Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff (Medical), is the primary in charge of Operation CO-JEET.

Q4. Name one major initiative taken under Operation CO-JEET.

Under Operation CO-JEET, the Indian Naval forces undertook the task of supplying oxygen to the Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands.

Q5. How will Operation CO-JEET be carried out?

Under the Operation CO-JEET initiative, local military commanders or area commanders will be given full authority to collaborate and coordinate with their respective state governments on the COVID-19 front.