National Safe Motherhood Day

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : Apr 20, 2022, 9:22

National Safe Motherhood Day is marked across the nation on the 11th of April each year. The proposal of WRAI (White Ribbon Alliance) to commemorate national Safe Motherhood Day came into action after the government of India had approved it.

The campaign aims mainly to increase the knowledge of ordinary people about the importance of getting appropriate access to care during gestation, delivery, and postpartum.

When Did it Start?

In 2003, the Indian government declared Kasturba Gandhi's birthday, April 11, as National Safe Motherhood Day.

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Why it is Celebrated?

Awareness regarding maternal health is still not up to the mark in our country. Every year, thousands of mothers die because of ill-mannered care and undernutrition during pregnancy and childbirth. So, it is crucial to promote awareness to educate people regarding maternal care during pregnancy. Hence, National Safe Motherhood Day is celebrated.

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National Safe Motherhood Day History

India accounts for 15% of all maternal deaths worldwide. This tragic data clearly gives a picture of how many people are still unaware of taking care of pregnant mothers in India. Poor and unprofessional prenatal care of mothers leads to the deaths of 44,000 Indian women each year. Heavy haemorrhage after delivery, pathogenic infections after giving birth, hypertension throughout pregnancy (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia), undernutrition, physiological complications following childbirth, and unsafe and illegal abortions account for roughly two-thirds of all maternal deaths.

The nerve-wracking data compelled the government of India to take action against it by promoting awareness on the day of National Safe Motherhood Day. On the recommendation of WRAI, an alliance of 1800 organisations, the Indian government designated April 11th, the birth anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi, as National Safe Motherhood Day in 2003.

Important Facts Regarding National Safe Motherhood Day

  • Every day, over 830 women pass away as a result of unmonitored pregnancy and childbirth.
  • The maternal mortality rate in underdeveloped nations is 99% higher.
  • Rural regions that are deprived of having desirable health care facilities mostly face maternal deaths.
  • The unavailability of qualified and experienced professionals is also a major reason for not providing primary health care facilities to mothers.
  • The unavailability of drugs and medical equipment in backward regions also contributes majorly to maternal deaths.
  • Maternal mortality rates around the world dropped by 44% between 1990 and 2015.
  • The Sustainable Development Goals require that the overall global maternal death rate be decreased to far below 70 per 100,000 infants born between 2016 and 2030.

Themes Wits Year-Wise List For National Safe Motherhood Day

  • 2022: "Remain at home amid coronavirus, protect mother and infant safe from coronavirus"
  • 2021: ‘Stay at home during coronavirus, keep mother and newborn safe from coronavirus'
  • 2019: "midwives for mothers"

National Safe Motherhood Day Significance

If the goal is to fight maternal death due to unsafe motherhood, it is crucial to educate mothers first to build awareness. So, government officials observe the day to teach women and mothers about the necessity of prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal care. It is also important to make mothers understand that this care not only safeguards them but also ensures the baby's safety.

The purpose of the annual initiatives held on National Safe Motherhood Day is to promote consciousness and awareness that every woman has the right to sustain a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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FAQs on National Safe Motherhood Day

Q.1. When is National Safe Motherhood Day observed across the country?

National Safe Motherhood Day is observed across the country on the 11th of April every year.

Q.2. Why is National Safe Motherhood Day commemorated every year in India?

Every year in India, National Safe Motherhood Day is celebrated to create awareness and to communicate the importance of providing proper facilities and care to pregnant women.

Q.3. When did India start celebrating National Safe Motherhood Day?

In response to WRAI's recommendation, the Indian government recognized Kasturba Gandhi's birth anniversary, April 11, as National Safe Motherhood Day in 2003.

Q.4. What is the theme for National Safe Motherhood Day 2022?

The theme for National Safe Motherhood Day 2022 is "Remain at home amid coronavirus, protect mother and infant safe from coronavirus."

Q.5. With respect to the National Safe Motherhood Day, When was WRAI established?

With respect to the National Safe Motherhood Day, the WRAI was established in 1999.