Food Corporation of India [FCI]

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 31, 2022, 7:27

The Food Corporation of India [FCI] was set up in 1965. It works under the Department of Food and Public Distribution Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. It was formed due to a lack of foodgrains against the backdrop of India.

The sole function of the department is to carefully coordinate the purchase, transportation, distribution, and selling of foodstuffs.

Food Corporation of India [FCI] Objectives

  • Regular wages to the farmers
  • To carefully strategise plans for availability, accessibility, and affordability of food grains for the sectors of the Indian Society.
  • Securing food stocks by keeping in check additional food grains as a backup plan.
  • Food grain distribution throughout the country for the Public Distribution System.
  • Protecting farmer's interests through Price Supporting Operations.

Food Corporation of India [FCI] History

During World War II, India experienced severe food shortages, prompting the establishment of a separate Food Department on December 1, 1942, under the Commerce Member of the Governor General's Council. It has its first District Office at Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu.

Later the headquarters shifted to Delhi by the Food Corporation Act of India.

Food Corporation of India [FCI] Structure

Food Corporation of India [FCI] is directed by the Manager. It works under the Assistant General Manager. The key role of the Assistant Manager is to ensure pest-free food grains for different sectors. The Deputy General Manager in association with the Assistant General Manager coordinates the working of different food grain sectors.

The Food Corporation of India works under different Zones -

  • Zonal office North is in Noida
  • Zonal Office South is in Kolkata
  • Zonal Office West is in Mumbai
  • Zonal Office North-East is in Guwahati
  • Zonal Office South is in Chennai

Each zone is managed by the Executive director who is recruited by The Indian Administrative Service or Indian Revenue Service. The Zonal offices work collectively under the Headquarters in New Delhi. The main purpose of the headquarters is to provide instruction, communication, and consolidation to the Food Department for chalking food policy keeping in mind the food situation of the nation.

Food Corporation of India [FCI] - Current Advancements

Shri Piyush Goyal praised the FCI (Food Corporation of India) for its sheer determination in providing foodgrains to around 80 crore people during the covid pandemic. He has lauded the organisation for contributing more to paddy and wheat grains' growth and providing affirmative support to the farmers. Foodgrains were provided to every nook of the country for free.

The farmers were highly committed to the organisation. They could sell their grains effectively without covering much longer distances. This gave them strength and productivity. FCI wishes to help its farmers to gain adequate procurement of services. It is assisting them to increase their production for proper food grain supply to the masses and its society.

Recently, it has added a new motivation to its list. It wishes to work with transparency and determination in becoming an easy connection between the consumers and suppliers of the country. Piyush Goyal expresses the Food Corporation of India [FCI] to take over technological advancement for providing first-hand service to the farmers and intakers in the marginalised sector of the community.

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Their sole goal is a quality production and quality service to the stakeholders. It has been working relentlessly in making its process simpler and providing help to the utmost.

The Food Corporation of India has been working effectively during the pandemic situation. It provided food grains to every home in the country ensuring that none slept hungry at night. It has pursued its job relentlessly and is working with perseverance.

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FAQs on Food Corporation of India [FCI]

Q.1. Who is the founder of the Food Corporation of India [FCI]?

The Government of India is the founder of the Food Corporation of India [FCI].

Q.2. When was the Food Corporation of India [FCI] established?

The Food Corporation of India [FCI] was established on 14th January 1965.

Q.3. Who is the President of the Food Corporation of India [FCI]?

Shri Sanjiv Kumar is the President of the Food Corporation of India [FCI].

Q.4. Who is the Minister of Food Corporation of India [FCI]?

Shri Piyush Goyal is the Minister of the Food Corporation of India [FCI].