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CSAT Quiz: Percentage

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Question 1

50% of the students in a school play cricket, 40% of the students play football and the number of students who play both the games is 420. Percentage of students who play neither cricket nor football is 45%. Find the number of students in the college?

Question 2

A person spends 30% of his monthly income on rent, 'X' % on sports, 'Y'% on transport and rest is saved by him which is Rs 4800. If his monthly income is Rs 12000 and value of 'Y' is one-third of the value of 'X' then how much amount does he spend on transport?

Question 3

Population of a city is 5 lakhs. If the annual birth rate and the annual death rate are 6% and 3% respectively. Find the population of the city after 2 years.

Question 4

In an election, there were three candidates A, B and C. B won the election from A by 1600 votes and C lost the election by getting 12% of votes only. If 20% of registered voters didn’t cast their votes and total votes given to A and C are 5920, then find the total number of registered voters.

Question 5

Rakesh spends 12% of his salary in PPF and 3/8 of the remaining salary is spent in clothes. Difference between PPF and clothes expenses is Rs 10500. Remaining amount of salary is spent in house rent and others. If house rent expenses is Rs 1500 less than expenses in others, then what is the house rent expense?
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