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Commerce Quiz 41 || UGC NET Paper 2 || Business Management and HRM

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Question 1

List out from the given statements the important ethical principles that a business should follow:

(a) To take the necessary action for the development of the concerned industry or business.

(b) Pay taxes and discharge other obligations promptly.

(c) To ensure the best utilization of human resources.

(d) Refrain from secret kickbacks or pay-offs to customers, suppliers, administrators, etc.

(e) Ensure payment of fair wages and fair treatment of employees.

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

Question 2

Creditworthiness score in India ranges between

Question 3

Functional Leadership Theory is associated with:

Question 4

Select the correct code of the following statements being correct or incorrect.

I. Strategic HRM focuses on specific organizational intentions about what needs to be done while HR strategies focus on long-term issues only.

II. Strategic HRM focuses on macro concerns such as structure and culture while HR strategy focuses on specific issues assigned.

III. Human Resource strategy decisions are derived from strategic HRM.

Question 5

The popular statement, - “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, is given by:


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